Click To Learn More About 2018 Safety Week

Click To Learn More About 2018 Safety Week

Written on 06/13/2019
Gaylor Electric

Safety Week 2018
May 7th-11th

The Mission of Safety Week is to collectively raise the awareness of the construction industry’s continued commitment to eliminating injury. This year's theme is, "Safe By Choice." 

Every day, we are faced with choices. All decisions both big and small set the stage for safety. While some of those choices we make may be second nature - like buckling a seat belt or wearing safety glasses, others require practice before becoming habit. This is why we must empower ourselves and each other to consciously choose safety when we head to work at the beginning of the day, while we’re on-site, and until we arrive back home, safe again.

The choices we make - the ones we recognize and those we don’t - impact our co-workers, our community and also our family and friends. This responsibility is what inspires us to always do things the right way, the safe way. We are committed to recognizing the opportunities and challenges we face, to speak up when we see an unsafe practice and to always make safe choices. Together, we can and we will create a safer, stronger industry - for ourselves, our colleagues, our families and our friends. That is... The power of safe choices.