5 Steps to a Successful Gaylor Safety Moment

5 Steps to a Successful Gaylor Safety Moment

Written on 03/07/2019
Gaylor Electric

5 Steps to a Successful Gaylor Safety Moment

1. PURPOSE: Explain why we are meeting today, for example: “I know we all have a lot going on this time of year, a lot of things on our minds, families you miss, kids excited about the holidays, plans for your time off work. That is why we are meeting today, because we all have a lot going on, which means now, more than ever, it’s important we take a few minutes to FOCUS in on what we are doing, our work. We want to make sure that we all get to enjoy the holidays with those we love.”

Next, present the topic of the meeting:

2. ENCOURAGE: Allow your crew to ask questions, or share personal experiences related to the topic of the meeting. For example: “John, weren’t you just talking about this the other day?” Encourage others to share their experience and discuss. Help keep the discussion focused on the topic.

3. RECOGNIZE: Acknowledge the crew members for the great work they are doing and their ability to work together and look out for each other.

4. COMMIT: Ask your crew to dedicate their attention and focus right now on the task at hand and doing all they can to remain focused to the task and each other.

5. STATE: Close the meeting with reminding all of the PURPOSE, because our well-being means so much to so many!

Purpose for this communication is to recognize how the week after a major holiday (in this case, Thanksgiving) can be such a challenging time to maintain our focus and decision making in staying safe.  

Some data suggests the days following a weekend holiday are the most likely day to have an incident

Aside from maintaining focus, avoid the traps that stress, poor communication, and overconfidence can create harmful situations

Look out for each other

Why do YOU work safe?

    o Think about it

    o Remind yourself on the “why”

Celebrate our successes